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SYNTAXX  Linear Power Supplies.          (available in the EU only)

June 2021: the introduction of the new top-of-the-line model SYNTAXX  power supplies:

The SYNTAXX  'KEYSTONE'  Power Enigma.

The other  models:     

2024: introduction of the  SYNTAXX Keystone D.E.C.  ( Dynamic Envelope Concept)    €2100,-

SYNTAXX    'Xtreme Two'

SYNTAXX         'ICON'     Produced 2018-2021  (since 2022 obsolete.) We stopped making  the ICON version, after the development of the Xtreme Performance EVO as derivative of the Keystone. The performance of the X.P. evo is at or above the level of the ICON, which made the ICON obsolete.. And the 'EVO' became the 'Xtreme Two', with a different enclosure and circuitboard.

If you would like to order;  contact  us via email:   LexiGroup(at)live.nl

SYNTAXX  'KEYSTONE' power enigma....:

With modest pride we can look back on a succesfull introduction of the  'Xtreme Performance' psu , SYNTAXX launched back in 2018. The 'X.P.' found its way to numerous audiofiles.  A milestone also according to famous audiojournalists. Constant research and development brought us the ICON after a while, now also reputated.

Then, all of a sudden, the power supply world woke up and realized that an external psu is NOT childsplay, should be considered seriously, both by customers and  audiodesigners. Every serious brand has its own psu to accompany their items.. still, they all seem to stay on a mediocre level.  As specialist-competitors came (seemingly) to close for comfort, SYNTAXX felt obligated to come with a serious (crushing) reply:  the SYNTAXX 'KEYSTONE'.

So always consider listening to a specialist brand psu, like SYNTAXX,  to compare to the brand (commercial) psu!

In designing the Keystone, SYNTAXX never has been infuenced by  appearance, to wander off to flashing displays, or fancy 'auto detecting voltage' or any other knick knacks to distract from the one and only task..: to supply POWER.  We made it so.   Linear power supply.  ' A 3D-imaging , that is uncanning'.  'Unsurpassed feeling of being-there'.

Technically we started designing from scratch! The Keystone build has two primordial stages; an enhanced active ripple suppression (E.A.R.S.) , and secondly a servo controlled voltage outputstage, ending up in a powerful DC current amplifer.

We are convinced of its quality and performance, please do challenge it with any other psu!  The SYNTAXX 'Keystone' is quite an investment, but realise that an improvement at the front of the audiosetup, can NEVER be accomplished further down the chain!  The external psu nowadays is a basic and inevitable piece of equipment on the way to high end audio reproduction!

The SYNTAXX  'KEYSTONE' will set you back   € 1600,-   (E.U. only)   two DC-outputs.  Price upto 19 volt; higher voltage contact us.


2 separate DC outputs @ one pre-ordered voltage

maximum combined current: 6A  (up to 15 volt),  19 volt 4,5A

dimensions enclosure: 335x100x300mm  (metric, wxhxd)

White power-LED on front.

Designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands.

Info or orders:  LexiGroup(at)live.nl

General background info

SYNTAXX began building power supplies back in 2010 as an experiment, seeking the upper limits in performance of a Logitech Squeezebox.  These proved to be very, very high with a top psu!

Again it was confirmed: the most important part of any audio-component is its Power Supply!

Meaning; a good psu wasn’t good enough, it had to be excellent! The little squeezebox performed beyond any expectation! The influence of a power supply section in any component is amazing, but primordial at front-end devices; The quality of performance of the frontend of your stereo is paramount in reaching the best possible end-result in listening! Always be very critical at powerline filters, because in many cases they throw away the fine dynamics and ‘musicality’ of a complete stereo system. Remember that a good power supply ìs in fact a powerline-filter! And do not put two filters in series..

So streamers and DAC’s  ( sometimes they are incorporated in one enclosure.. e.g. Lumin, Mytek Brooklyn Bridge)  need to have the best possible power supply you can afford!

The SYNTAXX 'Xtreme Performance' EVO  power supply

-We have been developing ever since that first line of power supplies, tried several electronic topographies and kept experimenting with numerous bypass FET’s and BJT transistors. Listening sessions directed us to the final approach in designing our SYNTAXX power supplies.  It is a listeners device, the combination of technical design tuned by listening, lead  to the 

SYNTAXX  'Xtreme Performance' EVO  power supply.  (2022)

Building SYNTAXX psu's ,we use very high quality components and toroidal transformers, but the quintessence of the top performance of our design lies in -beside its solid build-  the eyletboard technique;  this means that the components are hardwired connected to eachother, also found in Fender and AudioNote equipment.  It is labor intensive indeed, but the soundquality of hardwired components is unsurpassed.  Thus avoiding paracitic induction, -capacity or eddy currents, found in common printed circuit boards! The power supplies are all completely handcrafted. We designed the psu to be able to stay ON. Connected equipment can be set on STBY.

The SYNTAXX  'Xtreme Performance' EVO is our most cost effective power supply,                                                   and sets the standard in psu's under €1000!

Specs.   'Xtreme Performance' evo

  2* DC outputs  with one and the same voltage  ( by order up to 19 volt)

  Combined maximum output current 5A

  Eyelet point to point soldered component-board

  160VA toroidal transformer

  Blue power-LED on front

  Dimensions enclosure: 335 x 100 x 300mm  (metric, w x h x d)

 Included : AC cord to fit the wallsocket in your country + two finished DC cables.

  Designed and handmade in the Netherlands.

Model:  SYNTAXX  'Xtreme Performance' EVO        Price:  € 995,-   excl shipping.

Since 2019:    SYNTAXX  'ICON'          @2022  obsolete !

SYNTAXX has been developing a new concept in stabelizing DC current-supply.  Key feature in all power supplies is the ability to react on a dynamic load. Ripple control comes next, but is less important to a better sound. SYNTAXX has implemented a novelty in the ICON version: a two point voltage control with somewhere in between a powerful new DC amplifier. SYNTAXX succeeded in creating a DC amplifier producing an even more stable and cleaner power then ever.. This new ICON-amp is also a bit more powerful then the one in the X.P.      This new concept is called  InterCurrent DC Amplifier.

The result is a significant increase in dynamics, coherance,  (an even) better,  sharper 3D imaging and enhanced micro-dynamics, compared to the 'X.P.' version! On top of all that there is a clear increase of bass texture.

Specs.  ICON:

  2* DC outputs with one and the same voltage (specs by order up to 19 volt)

  Independent outputs,  max. combined output current of 8A. ,  one voltage.

  InterCurrent DC Amplifier -Icon- board

  Eyelet point-to-point component connections

  200VA toroidal trafo

  ICON front-design

  Amber power-LED

  Dimensions enclosure:  335x100x300 mm  (metric, w x h x d)

 Included: AC cord to fit the wallsocket of your country +  two finished DC cables.

  Designed and handmade in the Netherlands

Since SYNTAXX designed the Keystone, we made a derivative board, simplified, to put into the Xtreme Performance EVO.

as it turned out; it outperformes the Icon, thus making the Icon obsolete..   ..'Advancing insights'...

N.B.:   If you need two different DC output-voltages, you can turn to the SYNTAXX  BiVolt configuration;

SYNTAXX  BiVolt  'X.P.' : specs:

Two independent amplifier boards:  5 to 12 volt; max. 5A.    -   13 to 19 volt; max.3A.

Custom wound two-voltage toroidal trafo 200VA

Meaning you can choose two independent voltages in this BiVolt configuration.  The BiVolt 'X.P.' price is  € 1400,-  excl shipping.

You can mail us to discuss your wishes, custom build and prices.

 (Orders at:    LexiGroup(at)live.nl)


Note: You can order custom power supplies: choice in voltage, current and number of DC-outputs.


Standard version 'Xtreme Performance' EVO,  has two DC-outputs,;     two DC output-cables included!

starting @ € 995,-  ; excl. shipping.


 Orders  or questions; mail to:  LexiGroup(at)live.nl

 SYNTAXX  is a brand of LexiCone Acoustics,  Netherlands.